The future of UTM is here.

Skylink UTM is an advanced UTM platform providing unparalleled functionality to ANSPs, Enterprise and Drone Operators.

SkyLink is powered by Astra UTM

Astra UTM is a world leading UTM software provider for national and enterprise customers in Dubai, Canada, Finland, New Zealand. Pilot projects in Spain, Italy, India, Columbia and the SkyLink UTM proof of concept project sites in Australia

Real Time Drone Tracking & Monitoring

Astra utilizes open network publishing architecture APIs for telemetry integration. Astra plots and visualizes real-time drone traffic, by receiving telemetry via a cellular network connection or broadcast identification protocols such as Wifi and BLE

Advanced U-Space Deconfliction

The world’s most advanced UTM deconflict engine with configurable priorities. Ensuring minimum separation distances between manned and unmanned air traffic. Realtime monitoring of flights for compliance.


Proposed flights are dynamically evaluated on the parameters you set, and prepared for approval.


Pilot and Drone Registration are tracked and managed for Regulatory Compliance.


Geospatial operational flight constraints are entered into the system to speed and simplify automated flight approvals.

SkyLink for Drone Operators

Drone Operators: iOS & Android Mobile Applications delivering the full workflow set at the system level. Registration, Flight Approvals, Telemetry Reporting, Alerts & Notifications, and built in DJI SDK flight control. 

SkyLink UTM

SkyLink has the best visualisation on any platform globally – whether it’s displaying planned flight requests, plotting real-time traffic data or visualising potential conflicts. But that’s not all…

Dynamic Risk Module

Risk profiling for Flight Approvals and Pilot Behaviour. Automate approvals for low-risk operations.

Flight Approvals

Proposed flight requests can be automatically or manually reviewed/amended for approval.

Airspace Monitoring

Total Situational Awareness and management with ATM-UTM Consolidated Traffic Monitoring in real-time

Realtime Messaging & Alerts Module

Direct real-time communication is facilitated via chat or mobile voice.

Configuration and Admin Panel

An advanced configuration and localization admin panel with unlimited possibilities.

Airspace Authorisation Engine

Workflows for Manual or Automated Flight Approvals with Customizable datasets

Our Drone Compliance Partner Integration

DroneLogbook Australia Private Label software platform is fully integrated with SkyLink Cloud Sync.

To reduce workflow across UTM and Compliance platforms to increase ROI.


Our Partners

The companies that are establishing 4G Enabled Unmanned Traffic Management services
for Australia


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